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Legal Division

The State Attorney of the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida assigns Assistant State Attorneys to MBI who act as MBI’s General Counsel and legal advisors. The MBI Legal Section provides assistance the MBI Agent investigators in gathering evidence to establish probable cause, and present in court for convictions, files and prosecutes state civil contraband forfeiture actions and state civil Racketeering-RICO actions,  and assists the local jurisdictions in the development of effective local ordinances to regulate vice, adult entertainment, and narcotic drug distribution. The MBI Legal Section assists, and coordinates with, other prosecutors handling the prosecution of cases resulting from MBI investigations.  MBI cases are prosecuted by the State Attorney, the Office of Statewide Prosecution and the United States Attorney’s Office.

2019 National HIDTA Award

Outstanding Investigative Effort

2022 National HIDTA award

Outstanding Violent Organization

Investigative Effort